Product Specifications and Requirements

Autometalskin's specialized resin metal composite shares similarities to that of automotive paint, however the following are the specific requirements to consider prior to purchasing.

Compressor and Gun: A professional grade compressor will be needed. The specs below are required for best end result

  • At least 13.5 CFM @29psi
  • 5-7 HP
  • minimum 60 gallons
  • 2 Stage Compressor 220v preferred but Single Stage works as well
  • Gravity feed gun (HVLP)
  • 1.8-2.0mm Spray tips (disposable work great with less cleanup)
  • We have found the 3M Accuspray and disposable tips are a great combo

Material and spraying information

  • Primer
  • Any stabilized automotive primer
  • Best adhesions results with 180-220 sanded primer
  • Autometalskin Process
  • Mixing
  • you will receve a chart of ratios of metal to combine with resin followed by activator
  • Note when adding the metal to the resin it will bubble and look like a crazy science experiment
  • Substates
  • There is no limitation to what it can be applied to  as long as the surface is prepped appropriately for adhesion. Do avoid flexible materials like fabrics  while it does work and has flexibility; constant flexing will eventually cause failure
  • Works on fiberglass, all metals, primers, plastics, and even wood
  • Duration once resin and activator is mixed
  • 15-20 minutes ( at ideal temperature 77deg ; stay above 65deg) , but humidity and temperature can affect time before it hardens

Always clean your gun before it hardens see times above. Its better to do it early that have it solidify in your gun, which can ruin a gun

  • See Abrasives below for information on finish
  • Personal Protective equiment must be worn at all times saftey glasses and respirators when painting or sanding (much the same as when painting)
  • Cure time
  • Depends on temp and humidity 24 hours for full cure. If it seems soft allow extra time or check mixing instructions for errors
  • Allow 5 days to stabilize if you are clear coating, gasses are emitted for a few days before complete stablization

  • Cleaning solvents for your gun
  • Laquer thinner works best (be thorough)
  • Abrassives
  • Sandpaper and lots of it! Once its loaded up its done for
  • 80, 120,180,320,...up to 3000
  • Note: the finish is achieved by successive sanding until you reach the finish you want.No need to go beyond 320 when going for a brushed look, but the best brushed looks will happen by following up with scotchbrite pads and then middle to coarse steel wool.
  • An orbital sander works well for larger areas
  • Scotchbrite
  • Steel wool different coarseness until you get the result you want (typical for brushed look)

  • Clear coat
  • Any Stabilized professional grade clear coat
  • Gloss semi and matte can be used to obtain different appearances