About AMS Skins

AutoMetalSkin LLC (AMS) is bringing you new finishes previously unavailable until now! It is a revolutionary process that enables professional automotive painters to spray your vehicle with a metal suspended in a liquid resin, much like you would paint. The coating gives a full color metallic that is durable, non-corrosive, and stable.


Each metal coating dries as a dull metal skin. By using abrasive sanding techniques, the metal can be polished in a range of finishes from brushed metal to a high gloss, making your vehicle a “one of a kind”. 


We offer complete car kits with all the materials required to spray your vehicle metal and produce the desired look. This product is intended to be applied by a professional automotive painter and not to be used at home. The spray gun and compressor are not included. 

We can walk professional painters through the entire process by phone or offer onsite certification training for an additional cost. Please visit our products page to shop our kits and our product requirements for detailed information.

For customization of smaller projects, AMS can be ordered in lesser volume.

In addition, you can send us your automotive parts to coat in our partnered shop. Please contact autometalskin@gmail.com for more information and pricing.